Safety Relief Valves/Overflow Valves

You don’t thrive for more than 100 years because you’re lucky. It takes quality products, constant innovation, and above all, a dedication to the customer. From a pioneer in the development of regulators to a global leader delivering a comprehensive line of flow control products, RegO® has always kept our customers’ interests first.

Quality matters. Industrial gas applications have no room for leaks. That’s why we design, manufacture, and test 100% of our products, and can offer a 10-year warranty. RegO products work better and last longer.

Innovative products, processes and people. We invest in technology and training to deliver flow control products designed to reduce maintenance and replacement costs, and ensure an efficient, safe work flow. To see through the complete RegO-GODDARD brochure for cryogenic applications please click here.

The individual data sheets on the RegO/GODDARD products are here available for download:

The 9400 series relief valves are specifically designed for vapor line safety relief applications and cryogenic liquid containers.

The 19430 and 29430 relief valves are designed for oxygen and other industrial gases and for cryogenic service in the vapor space. Apply on piping systems, liquid cylinders or mini-bulk cryogenic containers where an ASME relief valve is required.

The A3149A series are specifically designed for use as a secondary relief valve in carbon dioxide transports and stationary storage tanks. The relief valve is designed to protect the tank from excessive over pressure in the event of fire or other emergencies. A small throttling-type primary relief valve must also be provided to control boil-off and maintain tank pressure. Provisions must be made to prevent the accumulation and build-up of water and foreign material in the valve by use of protective cap included

Designed especially for use as a primary relief device on large stationary pressurized storage containers with flanged openings. These manifolds incorporate an additional relief valve, not included in the flow rating, allowing for servicing or replacement of any one of the relief valves without evacuating the container. The handwheel on the manifold selectively closes off the entrance port to the relief valve being removed while the remaining relief valves provide protection for the container and its contents. All manifold flow ratings are based on flow through the relief valves after one has been removed for service or replacement.

Die Überströmventile der Serie B-19434B eignen sich für den Einsatz mit Sauerstoff und weiteren nicht korrosiven Industriegasen.

Die Überdruckventile der Serie C-19434B eignen sich für CO2 Anwendungen.

The ASME approved 90° angle relief valves AR Series, provide precise relief set points which protect cryogenic vessels and piping systems for over-pressurisation.

The complete RegO brochure on cryogenic applications can be downloaded here